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Evolution Audio & Video has specialized in front screen projection for over 20 years.  Back in the 80’s Evolution Audio & Video, pioneered, designed and installed many of the first-ever integrated high-end front screen projection and audiophile grade surround systems in Southern California.   We draw from years of experience, knowledge, and dedication to deliver the “best in class” home theater experience.

Why Front Screen Projection?

Not so long ago a true “home theater” system was something that only the rich and famous could afford.  However, with lightning fast advances in today’s technology, you would shocked at how simple and affordable owning a projector can be.  If you’ve been thinking about a 60 to 90 inch flat panel TV – think bigger! For almost the same price, you can own a projector with incredible picture quality at sizes beyond 8 feet wide!
Sim2 Nero 3D-1 DLP Projection System.  High-End & Affordable!
Sim2 Lumis Solo 3D 3-Chip DLP Anamorphic Projection System
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Home Automation & Beyond!

Today's audio/video systems are elaborate.  Even the simplest system.  They are all controlled via a microprocessor.  They all involve networking.  To tame these "beasts", you need an equally sophisticated home automation system - that is stupid-simple to use.  Maybe a few years ago it was a choice between sending the kid(s) to college or obtaining a reliable remote system.  Relax, today you can do both!  Evolution has three extremely affordable iPad automation packages.  We use either URC or Crestron as the "brains" of our automation packages.  Couple them with a simple iPad and you have anywhere from an elegant one room solution to entire home control.  Let Evolution show you how...

2-Channel Audio: Tubes, Solid State, Music Servers

Remember "Stereo"?  We do.  Many people are adding 2-channel listening areas to their home.  Somewhere that you can kick back, relax and listen to real music.  Not compressed mp3 sounds, but real, true high-fidelity audio.  Close your eyes and you can pick out the instruments in the orchestra or hear the singer as if they were performing directly in front of you.  Your own personal concert...  Evolution can bring back the magic of 2-channel sound the way it was meant to be heard.
High-end 2-Channel Listening Room - Become a Guru Guidi Disciple - immerse yourself into the high-end...
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News & Events

GoldenEar Triton One Speakers are HERE!  Evolution is proud to annouce that we are now your local Krell dealer offering American made audio & video components.  Experience their new Foundation Preamp/Processor.  The raves are amazing!  Come hear the audio magic of Krell.  We also added Fusion Research.  Listen to the incredibly affordable Ovation Elite Audiophile HD Streamer!  Check out the new Acurus HIGH powered integrated amplifier - the new Aries! This is truly a unique unit that will set the technology bar extremely high. Now in and ready for listening!!!  If you haven't seen the latest in front screen projection technology you need to see the new SIM2 Crystal Cube!  A full featured, super bright, 1080p DLP projector wrapped up in a sexy (and extremely small) Italian designed body.  "Wow" comes to mind - to your eyes - and to your pocket book (especially when you see just how inexpensive it is to own)!  Our good friends at Anthony Gallo Acoustics are celebrating their 20th Anniversary with an amazing offer on their original Micro Speakers and 5.1 Speaker Systems.  You will receive a HUGE 20% discount plus your choice of shelf, wall or ceiling mounts absolutely FREE!  We are now carrying the Pure Audio Blu-ray discs (We have them here - don't order them from this overseas site).  Your favorite music at super-high reslolution all on Blu-ray.  First reviews on the upcoming GoldenEar Triton One Loudspeakers!  Make sure you PRE-ORDER your pair immediately (the first shipment is going FAST)!  They will be in super-high demand!!!  Don't forget to check out our Facebook Saturday Specials!


"For years I have been sending my readers from all over Southern California to Evolution AV. Their showroom is as good as it gets but their attention to detail and over-the-top customer service makes it even easier to buy at EAV.

For value-packed home theaters, audiophile components or large scale custom installation projects -
HomeTheaterReview.com enthusiastically recommend Evolution Audio Video!" 

Jerry Del Colliano Publisher HomeTheaterReview.com (http://hometheaterreview.com/)