Home Networking

Network - Years ago that was something you associated with CBS, NBC and ABC - a television "network".  Things change... Now there's many different definitions.  Social "Network", "Networking" and a "Network".  In today's home, a solid (internet based) network is extremely important.  Without it you have no WiFi, no internet, no way to "digitally" access the world.  Today's Audio & Video gear relies heavily on your home network.  Each piece contains a mini-computer which is plugged into your home network.  If your network is not reliable, then your A/V system will suffer as well.

Your home network MUST be built on a strong digital foundation.  You want to press a button and have the correct response occur with whatever device you are trying to control.  Nothing is more frustrating then not being able to go online, control all your devices or simply listen to your music collection whenever the desire strikes.

If you're experiencing spotty WiFi coverage or any issue that relies on the network (which is almost everything these days), then you need a expert evaluation of your current system.  We can make informed suggestions on how to improve, repair or replace the system.  Contact Evolution to set-up a FREE Network Evaluation today!