Pre-Wire and Installation

Please DO NOT HIRE the average (and I am stressing "average") electrician to run Audio & Video cable for you!  You might save a few dollars short term, but you might wind up with numerous issues that will cause A/V nightmares for years to come.  If the wiring is not correct from the start, once your walls are closed, you could spend thousands of dollars to correct those problems!  Not an ideal situation by any means.

Please DO HIRE a professional A/V company that knows low-voltage as if their livelihoods depended on it (which, weirdly enough, they do)!  Evolution will make sure we wire for things that you didn't even think about - hey, wire is cheap (most wire that is) and you should be ready for whatever the future might bring.  In the future, you won't have to make holes in that beautiful Venetian Plaster wall when your wife decides the TV would look better on "that" wall...

Installation is the "cherry on top".  Once your home is ready for the equipment phase, it's an easy process - especially when your house has been pre-wired correctly.  With a "map" to all your cabling in place, we can install all the equipment in a pre-planned, structured manner.  Everything will fit in place like pieces in a puzzle to make your A/V picture complete.  We are fast, effiecient and clean.  Our staff of professional installers and programmers will perform their task with surgical percision.  After the installation is complete, before we leave your home, you will receive your degree in "Instructional Operation".  Best of all, you become part of the Evolution "family".  Any questions, any problems, any changes can be dealt with quickly with a simple call or email to Evolution.