Sales and Consultation

Wondering how to initiate your project?  What type of system will work for me?  Should I try a projection system or stick to a TV?  Is home automation affordable?  What about whole house music?  It can be overwhelming if you are not familiar with today's technology - or even if you are!  With over 30 years of experience, Evolution can help you simplify this process and help make the right decisions that will fit your lifestyle (and budget). 

Evolution will visit your home (or site) at no charge to you.  After the initial site survey, we'll schedule a "sit down" appointment with you to go through the process, step by step.  No rock will be left unturned.  We'll even "translate" the technical stuff for you into English.  Our goal is make it incredibly simple at a comfort level that will give you the confidence to move forward (with us of course).