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Looking Forward: New Year, New Stuff…    
Hope everyone enjoyed their end of year festivities with your family and friends!  Even though we took our Holiday Hiatus, we were still hard at work (or hardly working) to bring you new and exciting audio and video items for the 2019.
First, as we’ve been touting for the past few weeks, is our new line of High End Audio gear from a formidable British standard known as Naim Audio.  Not that we’re “Naim dropping”, but we’re pretty darn proud to have them in our product mix.  Specifically their Uniti Series of streaming devices, which also give you the ability to take your “old school” CD’s and rips them into their system for  instant high resolution access, playback and gratification.  In fact I was so taken with the beautiful build quality, features and extraordinary sound, that I became a true believer of this company.  To the point I purchased a system for myself…
The most AMAZING surround sound preamp is about to be unleashed into the world!  The new Acurus MUSE 12 ($5,500).  It takes their already amazing Acurus ACT4 ($10,000) and shrinks it down in size and price. All the sound quality of the ACT4, minus some inputs and outputs. Compare this to similar units that sell for 10k and up. If you ever wanted to know what true “Cinema Quality” Dolby Atmos was all about, the MUSE 12 is your unit. Full spectrum 4k, HDR and up to 12 channels of Dolby Atmos!
Next, we received the brand new GoldenEar Reference Triton One.R ($6,000/pr) series of speakers.  If you haven’t heard the Triton References ($9,000/pr) yet, then you must immediately listen to their “Son of Reference” Triton One.R’s!  I’m going to make my first bold 2019 prediction and state that the new One.R’s are destined be their top selling floor standing speakers of the year! They have the DNA of their bigger sibling, but in a smaller, less expensive package. I dare you to find another speaker selling in the 6k/pr. realm that even comes close to these puppies.  Ain’t goin’ to happen!
Another Homerun is the new Martin Logan Dynamo 1100X  ($1,100) Subwoofer System with their App-Based
Anthem Room Correction (ARC)! You’ll be amazed at this compact sub’s energy levels… Plus, it has a built-in Wireless Sub Kit so you don’t have to worry about running a cable to places it doesn't want to go. Place it anywhere – “look ma, no cables!” Plus, the 1100X was just awarded the “Sound & Vision” Top Pick of the Year Award! Time to celebrate…

Lastly – at least for right now, we’ve inducted the Hisense LaserTV into our video line-up.  Their latest models are using dual lasers and offer incredible 4k, HDR and Smart TVfunctions on a really BIG screen. With their laser light engine you’ll see rich dynamic colors, wide contrast levels and 20 years – or more of great viewing.  You’re choice of 100in ($9,999) or their 120in ($12,999). The prices include the Smart TV, Screen, Sound System with a wireless subwoofer.

Showrooms...  Are they obsolete?

Years ago growing up in Woodland Hills (which was truly the ends of the earth back then) my friends and I would haunt the local audio salons (much to the owner’s dismay).  We were “audiophiles in the making” back then with little (to no) money in our pockets.  Video wasn't even on the horizon yet...  Back in the '70's there were plenty to choose from.  Woodland Stereo, Pacific Stereo, Federated, to name but a few. 

Fast forward (pun intended) to today.  You're lucky if you can find one audio/video showroom in your area that isn't located inside the "dealers" house.  Why? 

Simple answer...  A/V showrooms are not important to the masses these days.  Today’s "clients" aren't as passionate as we were in the past about sound or video quality.  Everyone is weaned on instant music, video, games, TV, downloads, streaming, etc. The ancient form of listening to an entire "album" is equivalent to driving a car with a stick shift (which coincidentally, I still do). 

That being said, you can't log onto Amazon and truly experience what a speaker, a receiver, an amplifier, etc. "sounds" like.  You can't really "see" what a TV or projector will reveal in picture quality.  You can't pick up a remote control system and feel how it reacts in your hands.  Yes, you can read endless online reviews from "real" customers (or are they???).  But as my grandfather once said... "Opinions are like A-Holes, everyone has one".  Translated, if you really want to know how a product looks, feels, sounds, etc., you have to take the time and experience it for yourself.  

That's why Evolution will always have demo rooms.  Yes, it's expensive to maintain.  No, as many of you have asked, the manufacturers DO NOT give us free equipment.  We still have to purchase it just like you.  Not only by investing big $$’s, but also years of experience in the hope to provide you with something exceptional.  That helps to make your purchasing decision a bit easier.  You fall in love with it (depending on your infatuation level) or not.  Unlike online shopping, you’ll know immediately if you like the product - saving you the unpleasant hassle of having to return it if you don’t.

Perhaps the most important reason to have a showroom is legitimacy.  For both dealer and manufacturer.  Most Hi-End manufacturers will only be represented through legitimate dealers with a showroom.  A showroom demonstrates that the dealer is totally committed to that product.  And not only by investing in the gear…  Dealers must be vetted by the manufacturers, trained on that product and most of all, be able to provide you with exceptional service.  Try getting that online!   Would you buy a car from reviews only?  I wouldn’t…  I’d want to see it, touch it and drive it.  I’d want a dealer that provides SERVICE.  For that reason, if you’re the least bit passionate about your audio and video gear you’d want to give it a “test drive”.  That’s the beauty of having a real demo room!

Evolution Audio & Video

The Streak

July 10, 2012
A bit slow after the weird 4th of July, middle of the week Holiday.  Today is Saturday around 3pm.  We've dealt with a few clients today... nothing earthshaking.

I'm here 6 days a week, sometimes more.  Always in the "how can we bring in more business without having to kill ourselves mode".  Truthfully, I could commit suicide by hanging myself with an extremely expensive HDMI cable from one of our extremely expensive projectors.  That in itself might bring in a few "curious" onlookers.  Most likely, they'd just come in to see the actually place where it happened (maybe I could even use a "Walking Dead" zombie prop to really get the excitement in high gear) and nothing more.  It might be worth a few columns of print in the “Acorn” (the Conejo Valley's version of the “New York Times”) and a 2-minute segment on "Eye Witness News at 11pm".  But would it bring in the bucks?  Maybe, but then I wouldn't be there to seal the deal (my own deal would already be sealed - air tight and six feet under).

So what does all this have to do with a Streak?  Nothing really, it just sounded like a great way to get this blog flowing.  Actually, I started to think of the Streak through my running.  About 16 months ago I decided to run every day for a full year.  You see, I wanted to join the United States Running Streak Society.  To become a member of this "elite" group one must run everyday (rain or shine, healthy or sick) for a minimum of 1 mile per day for a full calendar year.  Why would anyone even want to do this?  Why would I even think about doing this? I have no clue.  Almost 16 months later and over 2,000 miles I still have no clue.  The only thing I can think of (actually 2 things) is that 1) my legs and butt have become pretty damn solid and 2) Tahoe (my dog) now demands that we go every day.  So, for these past 16 months Tahoe has run into our bedroom between 5-6am and demanded that I get my ass out of bed and get our run on.  I hate to disappoint, so I have obliged - so far.  We usually take in a daily 4-6 miles during the week and 6-13 daily miles during the weekend.  So, I did make into the United States Running Streak Society at the end of last March.  Hallelujah!  You’d think I now could cut back and relax a few days a week.  And for some unknown reason, I haven't stopped.  I try not to think about it because I don't like to label myself as compulsive obsessive... or for that matter, an idiot.  So I just take it day by day.

Which brings me to another Streak.  My very own TV.  When client’s come into Evolution, many of you ask, "Wow, I bet you have the greatest, meanest, biggest, badest, bestest system in the world at your home?”  Truth be told - no.  I have a 10-year-old rear-screen TV and nothing that would remotely qualify in anyone’s wildest dream as an "audio system".  Ten years is a bit long in the tooth for TV technology these days.  So you know your watching a dinosaur when your wife asks you when are we getting a new TV?  Ouch!  That hurts.  I was proud of the fact that for the 10 years (Streak?) of owning this set, I never, ever had to change a lamp or have it serviced.  It has taken abuse from my children and me.  Especially when the kids were a bit younger plugging their games consoles into it not even knowing which inputs to use.  Friends plugging their systems into every input except the correct one.

Worse is the audio side.  I was using (until about 5 years ago) my old amp/preamp from 1976 (Streak?).  Hey, it wasn't surround sound, but it sounded good enough for TV viewing.  After that combo died, I resorted to listening through the incredibly inept TV speakers.

An incredible Streak of A/V longevity.  Again, I have to question my sanity.  I'm one of the owner's of a high-end A/V custom business with incredible video displays and sound throughout our facility, but drive the 10 minutes to my home and I'm below the A/V poverty level of 90% of the world.

Like running it was time to take action!  But maybe not right away.  After all, if I wanted to watch a movie on Blu-ray I have 3 projection systems at our facility to choose from.  All with incredible audio systems - and only a few minutes away from home.  But the issue is that I don't always want to go back to the office to watch "America's Got Talent" or "The News At 10".  So maybe my Streak needs to come to an end...

After my wife gave me the green light to purchase a new set, a weird thing happened.  I started acting like a client rather than the salesperson I am.  Do I need 3D?  Do I want a “smart” TV?  What size?  What brand?  How much?  All the normal advice I give to my clients didn’t seem to work on me.   Should I wait for the newer models?  What if some new technology comes out just as I’m about to plunk down the moola?  And even though I’m a dealer, why can’t I seem to get a deal for myself?  Enough!  As Nike once said – “Just Do It!”

Well, after another small Streak of indecision, and doing my own research (not to mention my wife growing tired of waiting), I finally broke down and purchased my new TV…

I went for the Gold.  I bought the new Elite TV knowing that it’s the very best on the market – and it ain’t cheap either!  But you see – I’m already planning for my next TV Streak – so I need something that’s going to last!  Most of today’s TV sets are all fairly good.  Some really good.  However, if you’re looking for performance, the “Porsche” of TV’s, the Elite is worth the price of admission.  Not only is the picture quality stunning, but also the build quality (something sorely lacking on many TV’s today) is beyond reproach.  If you happen to be considering a new set, come by our Agoura Showroom to check the Elite out.  It’s worth the money.

What about the audio side?  Give me another few years and I’ll have the nailed too!  In the meantime, I love my new TV.  My wife is extremely happy! Tahoe? Well he’s just looking forward to tomorrow morning… to continue his Streak.
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